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  The original idea underlying the establishment of the Department is to accommodate the development of regional economy and the changes of the industrial and business

environment. We aim to train students to become professional management personnel with cultural awareness needed to work effectively in the fields of Asia-Pacific economy and overseas investment & management, helping them develop problem-solving skills, maintain sensitivity to environmental changes, and obtain practical experience. With rigid and professional training, the students are expected to have an international perspective and the ability to manage international corporations. The Department provides four groups of courses:


I. Leadership

A leader has to be broad-minded, courageous, insightful, humble, and persistent. He/she is well-versed in tapping talents of exceptional workers and nurtures them to become resourceful personalities. He/she is willing to take advice and keeps a habit of collecting information from all sources. Namely, a leader grows in character and wisdom based on how well he/she uses human resources. To cultivate a successful leader, this group of courses consists of An Introduction to Asia-Pacific Industrial and Business Management, Small and Medium Enterprise Management, Organizational Behavior, East Asian Business Management, and Strategic Management.


II. An International Vision for Asia-Pacific Affairs

This group emphasizes an all-round development in the principles, strategies, and investment of business management in the Asia-Pacific region, including Theories and Policies of International Trade, A Comparison of Competitiveness between Asia-Pacific Countries, International Business Management, International Marketing Management, International Financial Management, and Confucian Culture and Management Philosophy.


III. Innovation

With the rapid business globalization in this era, this group focuses on the exploration of new sci-tech policies as well as knowledge and innovation management in the Asia-Pacific region. Courses provided include Asia-Pacific Industrial Policies, Technology Management, R& D Management, Marketing Management, Knowledge Management, Information Technology and Competitive Strategies, Analysis of Green Materials Industry, and Nanotechnology and Applications.


IV. Management Science

This group, stressing the development of industrial management technology, is composed of Management Science Models, Operations Research, Engineering Investment Analysis, Scheduling Theory, Computer Programming, Work System Analysis, Facility Planning, Production and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Support System, Commercial Automation, Systems Analysis, and Advanced Operations Management.



Also, the Department designs a one-year curriculum for Special Topics on Asia-Pacific Industrial and Business Management for students, who are required to conduct an in-depth exploration of issues related to Asia-Pacific industrial management to ensure that they are capable of integrating management theories and practices. The teaching focuses of the Department are on the theories and practices of business management, industrial management technology, and the integration of production and marketing. Equal weight is given to theories and practices, corresponding to contemporary tendency for management development and Asia-Pacific regional characteristics.